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People have gone one step further to use Oracle with the cloud this year. For 6 months now, in addition to people using AWS and subscribing to SaaS, I've started to meet people looking at new public clouds including Microsoft Azure or even Oracle Backup Database Cloud -for now. I've also met people providing production private Platform as a Service with Oracle Databases. So that, I'm now thinking 2014 is a game changer for Oracle technology with the Cloud.

Don't get me wrong, there is no new magic cloud wands for Oracle. I don't believe there is anything like, you buy a few Exa-servers with some extra-packs or options and... woohoo: you run an extreme, elastic, secured, never stopping, self-service, pay-per-use Oracle Cloud. I don't think it is the case at all... But still, I'm very excited by what the Oracle cloud journey promises!
Cloud is changing IT and Oracle is embracing it, at least on the technology side... So if you are a DBA, let me put it that way: Cloud the biggest and most interesting challenge DBAs will have to face for decades. This will open many new opportunities and that's why:
  • Cloud is all about combinations: DBAs used to be RDBMS experts, the most talented ones being able to apprehend network(s), storage, systems, backups, middleware and code/application.With Engineered Systems, databases already come with networks, storage and computes. New speading Oracle Cloud deployment models like Virtual Compute Appliance, Flexpod or Openstack will strengthen this trend
  • Cloud is all about automation: for years, organisations have been outsourcing DBAs to the cheapest. Results are, not-so-cheap, loosely managed, aging, heterogeneous, under-used and un-optimized systems. Automation and Devops promise 10x more efficiency and huge cultural changes! DBAs will have to perform more changes, to way more systems, on more regular basis and deal with the associated risks
  • Cloud is all about extension and localization: that is probably the biggest change for DBAs. To succeed, clouds have to fit organization requirements. DBA will have to manage these integrations and rely on the many Cloud APIs for that purpose
What does it change for me?

For years, you may have been crossing my blogs, wondering who is that bastard DBA interested with SQL, code and application but also to systems, network, storage and even technologies that were not from Oracle. Well, it might be that I was not only a bastard but a little ahead of my time.

So I've sorted some of my personal stuff, I've switched back to Oracle and I've re-born my blogs from that new angle: How to combine, automate and extend Oracle technologies. If you're interested, you might want to follow me on my new Twitter @GregoryGuillou or on this Feed... New blogs will come shortly!


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