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Deploying Consul on AWS ECS with Terraform

Consul brings a lot to Docker management. Working with AWS EC2 Container Services (ECS), it has literally changed the game when I've been able to get its magic. Unfortunately there is not so much written on the subject and the only full implementation I did find was based on CloudFormation and did not workout well for me since I was already using Terraform a lot on the project...

I've decided to build and make available a project that embed the whole ECS/Consul stack written with Terraform. It has also been the opportunity to demonstrate some of the good practices I was talking about with Terraform in my last post. I've just made it available on and I've called the project ECS unleashed for several reasons I don't want to dig too much into for now. Once deployed, the project embeds a simple demonstration of a blue/green application upgrade.

I wish it will help people to adopt Consul, build more advanced demonstration or even use it in production. I hope…