Saturday, January 13, 2018

Our Kubernetes Heart Strokes #1

Kubernetes communities are so numerous and wide now, nobody can keep up. You will find gems in conferences, channels, groups every day. Check out for yourself, if you are not yet convinced. What we love about Kubernetes is that more and more people are committing to it every day. They are developing code, sharing ideas, hacking the cloud native system. It is sparkling!

"Kubernetes Heart Strokes" outlines what we have loved this week. It points promising and exciting content. Maybe not what is important, but definitely what is fun. #1 covers from January 7th to 13th, 2018...

This Week's Top 5 Articles, Blogs and Videos

  • Exploring Istio for event-driven architectures by Todd Kaplinger is a must-read article about Istio and Service Mesh. It explores what it brings to microservice applications and to Kubernetes in term of plumbing, monitoring, smart deployment, security or service discovery. If you are still wondering why Istio and Envoy are so hot, this is a must read. 
  • Feel like a little kid in the container world? Welcome to the club by The Register brings perspectives to container trends in the IT industry and the role of Kubernetes. It is still ahead of the wave but be ready it is coming.
  • What is New in Kubernetes 1.9 by CNCF presents some of the latest Kubernetes features, including Container Storage Interface, Windows Container Beta Support, the Webhook Admission and the Workload API now GA.
  • Spectre-on-Kubernetes, a proof of concept by Michael Hausenblas quickly plays with the latest security flaws in Docker and Kubernetes
  • First impressions: Docker for Mac with Kubernetes by Alex Ellis. We know, it comes from last week but is so much fun... we could not resist to mention one of the many posts people have written about the new Edge release of Docker on MacOS that supports Kubernetes.

From Twitter

Read the Code is amazing, as always, when it comes to Kubernetes, Docker or related projects ; If you don't know those projects yet, you might want to have a look at them.

See you next week

If you've seen something worth mentioning this week, feel free to comment this post. Happy reading and we wish we will have you next week too...

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