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Trigger Terraform in the cloud with Terraform-deck

For a few weeks now, I've been working on Terraform-deck, an API to kick off Terraform workspaces remotely. I'm using it on a project a for some time and, if it is not easy, I've started to turn it into an open source. It has been a real opportunity. A lot of people I love are supportive and some have already contributed more than I had expected. I'm very grateful. It is a lot of talks, energy and passion!

This first article introduces the tool and shows how you can put an hand on it.
What is Terraform-deck? If you are using Terraform, I don't have to explain its principles... You can spawn or destroy hundreds of resources in a few minutes. If you need to scale and make them more robust, Terraform Enterprise is the way to go: it is serious; it integrates registries to share your code; it manages parameters; it helps enforce policies; it provides a nice and easy UI; it help you integrates your CI/CD pipelines. Plus, it is worth and fair to reward the fantastic peo…